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Super Bonanza with Fitzwater and Broken Prayers

Nov 12, 2016 @ 8:00 pm  —  Nov 13, 2016 @ 12:00am

Join us for a night of rock and roll with some of local South Philly faves!

$8 cover

About the Artists:

Super Bonanza
Formed in 2012 by two-string bassist/vocalist Joe Oxman, drummer/vocalist Jon Rossi and baritone sax player Doug Dubrosky, Super Bonanza combines influences including Iggy Pop, X, Morphine and Yo la Tengo. With over sixty years of gigging between these players, Super Bonanza brings range and dynamics that only years of “one-nighter” van tours can make.

Fast friends from distinctly different musical backgrounds form a powerful, versitile and fun local cover band.

Broken Prayers
Fans of the Handsome Family and 16 Horsepower will find this record a dark, bleak place. That, though, is a good thing. Philadelphia’s Broken Prayer create beautifully bleak American Gothic. Narratives about the darkness of the heart, suicide, and a laundry list of other equally grim topics. The band weaves hypnotic, droning, cathartic rhythms around this somber and sinister tales. Peter Marshall (camera man/singer), Tony Bello (trucker/drums), Brian Murray (preparator/bass), and Issac Stanford (school teacher/pedal steel) play these songs and stories out as if they are compelled to confess their darkest fears. — Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music

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