10 Year Anniversary


Connie’s Ric Rac turns 10 years old this year. And, in true South Philly fashion, we’re throwing a block party. Or three.

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Ron Bauman

Director of Marketing & Events

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a series of events to celebrate the anniversary. In addition to “Philly’s Biggest Block Party” – The S. 9th Street Italian Festival, in which we host the Joseph Tartaglia, Jr. Local Music Stage, we will also be producing two other outdoor events; the signature anniversary concert on July 16th and on August 27 when the Wallace Brothers bring the 2nd Annual Country Music Festival to the Italian Market. Several other more intimate events will take place throughout the year to commemorate our involvement in the Philly music scene over the last decade.

We are a community driven, artist focused venue located in the heart of the Italian Market, featuring live music just about every night of the week. We have been a launching point and home base for prominent Philly acts like Johnny Showcase, the Wallace Brothers Band, Lovers League, Sonnder, and the The Late Saints. These bands and artists, known affectionately as “Ric Rac All Stars” are part of a larger collective of musicians known as “RicRackateers” – those that truly understand what a special place Connie’s has in the Philly music scene.

What Philadelphia artists have to say about Connie’s Ric Rac:
David Sweeny
David SweenyJohnny Showcase
"The Ric Rac has been an incredible incubator for Philadelphia talent. So many fantastic musicians have come through these doors, and many collaborations have been born on its stage. It is truly an underground gem hidden in the rough of the Italian Market. Also, I think there is a vandalized poster of me in the bathroom." 
Stephen Rose
Stephen RoseBong Hits for Jesus
"Few live music venues in the city have dared to try the things Connie's has over the years. Always something new and different, always pushing the value of true artistic expression in all its forms. Proud to play a small part in a huge journey there so far. Here's to the next 10 years!"
Dani Mari Alderman
Dani Mari AldermanLovers League, Founder of Female Frequency and original Ric Rac All Star
"I have soooo many memories of Connie's Ric Rac! One of my favorite memories is from the very beginning. I played one of my first open mic's in Philadelphia at Lickety Split and met the host, Katie Barbato, Ron & Eric (of the Ron & Eric Show), Josh Larson & Mike DelVecchia and many other characters of the Philly local music scene. Frankie (from the Discount Heroes & owner of Connie's Ric Rac) energetically invited me to jam at "the theater" after the open mic. I eventually made it out to "the theater" which later became Connie's Ric Rac. I have met so many wonderful people and have grown as an artist and musician with the Ric Rac family. No matter how far away I am I always know that I have a home there. Excited to see the community continue to grow at Connie's Ric Rac! They are in good hands with the support of the amazing Ron Bomb!"
Ryan Weidman
Ryan WeidmanSonnder
"Clubs like Connie's Ric Rac are very important to have in the local music scene, for everyone has a chance to express themselves. Connie's opens its doors to all who want to try to pursue music whether it is a fun pass time or a true passion. Connie's can act like a launching pad for many great artists who may not have been given a chance to start somewhere else." 
Jim Cunningham
Jim CunninghamForward Productions
"In any vibrant music scene, change tends to become the norm, while consistency becomes rare and even fleeting. Philadelphia’s scene is no different. That’s what makes Connie’s Ric Rac so unique. It seems to me, Ric Rac has its very own personal evolution going on! Starting in an old fruit storage house as a place for local musicians to get together 10 years ago, it has emerged, in my humble opinion, as one of the top 3 mid-sized concert venues in the city! The diversity it lends to our music community is as vital to the scene as any other establishment could dare to claim. Honestly, I enjoy being there on my evenings off, as much as I do when I’m hosting a show there. Connie’s ambiance will change from say, a Wednesday night local watering hole, "where everybody knows your name" feel, to a wild Friday or Saturday night large venue feel, most times, two or three times each and every week! I’m honored to be able to work with this venue, and the folks who operate it. Happy 10th birthday Connie’s Ric Rac! Please, whatever you do, just keep being you. We in the music community will be much better off for it. Cheers!"
Andrew Napoli
Andrew NapoliLooseleaf
"To my knowledge, Connie's Ric Rac does more to support local artists than any other music venue in Philadelphia. As with any establishment, the culture begins with ownership. At Connie's, you have a sincere group of guys who truly want to build a music scene and help artists succeed. The ten year anniversary celebration is about everything memorable that has happened in the past, but more so about what is on the horizon of the Philly music scene and all the momentum that Connie's has built towards making tremendous things happen. Congratulations to Connie's Ric Rac!"
Mike Liszka
Mike LiszkaSonnder
"Connie's is not a place where you go to meet friends. It's a place where you go to meet family."
Laura Cheadle
Laura CheadleLaura Cheadle Band
"Connie's Ric Rac is the kind of venue that embraces you for you and treats each artist as an artist. The crowd is always incredible due to the chill vibe, the upbeat staff and the amazing stage sound! The jug of wine behind the bar always makes me smile too. All in all, Connie's is Philly's most diverse and artist friendly venues that I personally love performing and hanging out at ✌"
Rev. TJ McGlinchey
Rev. TJ McGlincheyRev. TJ McGlinchey
"Over the years, Connie’s Ric Rac has evolved from a nick-knack store to an art space and then from a DIY music venue to a well-known hub of the Philly music scene. After many late nights playing music, meeting new-found old friends and throwing back Ronbombs, I’ve found a thriving creative community at Connie’s that I’m glad to be a part of maintaining. I’m not saying that Connie’s Ric Rac the new CBGB, but I am saying it’s on track to be something close to it. "
Dustin Dellinger
Dustin DellingerGashouse Radio
"A few years ago Tim from Railroad Fever was telling me about this unique venue in south Philly called Connie's Ric Rac. Then a few months later, Ron from the band Discount Heroes contacted me regarding airplay on Gashouse Radio. It wasn't long after that I made my way over to 9th Street, and I was completely seduced by the overall vibe of the venue. When you walk in, you can tell that this place puts music first. It's really cool to see this venue grow over the years so organically. Congrats to the entire Ric Rac family for carving out such an awesome slice of the Philly music scene!"

bartender Ron“We are what we are, and at the end of the day we’re a rock club. There’s no pretension, no exclusion” says co-owner Ron Bauman. “We were guys in bands that started a venue, not venture capitalists or bar owners trying to make money. From day one, this place has been about giving people a place to play.”  At our essence, we are a music venue first and foremost – not a bar with a stage.  We take a tremendous amount of pride in being a place where “musicians hang out”.



founders of connies ric racWe started off as a BYOB, which should give you some insight into the mindset of the founders Joseph “Joe Brown” Tartaglia, Jr., his brother Frank and lifelong friend Pete Pelullo. There have been many changes over the years at Connie’s, including a few shut downs (some self-imposed, others not so much), and “grand openings”, the acquisition of a liquor license and a complete overhaul of the venue in early 2014. After the tragic passing of Joe in May of 2013, the Ric Rac family was hurting. Ron dove in head first to help keep Connie’s Ric Rac alive, and by the end of year became a partner. With that the stage was set (pun intended) for a big push to make The Ric Rac a force on the Philly music scene.

With a complete reengineering to the sound system, rebuilding a bigger bar, upgrading the beer selection, and the construction of a brand new backstage green room (which is actually green), The Ric Rac has become a highly sought out destination for many of Philly’s up and coming bands, as well as regional and national touring acts. And we’re always hosting unique events like charity fundraisers, networking happy hours, or parties for the city’s marijuanna legalization community.

Meanwhile, fans love Connie’s for its stripped-down aesthetic, attentive staff, inexpensive drinks and family-like atmosphere. And what better time than at our our 10-year mark to introduce what will be the biggest change to take place at The Ric Rac – the addition of “Connie’s Kitchen”! Located right next door, we will be offering up a distinctive menu using ingredients sourced right here in The Italian Market.

In a time when the music industry is in such a state of flux, and small to mid size venues find it tough to stay in business, we are honored to remain a part of this amazing scene here in Philadelphia.  One thing that will never change is why you we do what we do: for the love of our local original music scene.

Please help us celebrate 10 years at Connie’s Ric Rac!

Celebration Launch Party, May 6th

What better time to get the party started than with First Friday with Gashouse Radio! The lineup will feature Those People, Sonny Knockout, Weekend Warriors and Canadian rockers Cardboard Crowns. Stay tuned for more acts and details as the event approaches.

Italian Market Festival, May 21 and 22

As always, Connie’s Ric Rac provides produces the local original music stage for the S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival. The streets are closed off for shops, eateries and vendors to set up outside for thousands of visitors. Bands play on an outside stage at 9th and Federal, and inside the club, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days.

4th & South Reunion, July 22

Just as this is the 10 year anniversary of The Ric Rac, it also commemorates the birth of a community that is still alive and burgeoning in Philadelphia. Many prominent artists in the local Philly scene got there start at Lickety Split, located at 4th & South Streets, including the founders and owners of Connie’s. We will celebrate those early days with a reunion party with many of the musicians who built their own little part of the local Philly music scene.

10 Year Anniversary Concert, July 30

In what could be our biggest and most important event ever, we will be hosting a large scale outdoor concert outside Connie’s on the 1100 block of S. 9th Street. Come out and see all of your favorite artists who have performed over the years, including many special guests. Check out the EVENT PAGE for more information on the Lineup and the other exciting things happening this day. Please contact us for more details.

Country Music Fest, August 27

The Wallace Brothers, a prominent South Philly-based country/folk/rock act will host another all-day indoor/outdoor concert featuring local country roots-based musicians and bands. RSVP to the FACEBOOK EVENT to stay up to date with the most recent information. Please contact us for more details.

Halloween Party, October 31

Ours favorite holiday of the year at Connie’s! Lineup and details to be announced. There will be costumes and loads of fun, for sure.

New Year Eve Party, December 31

The closing ceremonies, this is where we put the icing on the cake of our 10 year anniversary celebration. Lineup and details to be announced.